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Water and Sewer

54-Inch PCCP & HDPE Force Main

“2018 Florida Engineering Society (FES)

Outstanding Technical Achievement for Design-Build of a 54-inch Redundant Force Main Utilizing Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD), Miami Beach, FL.”.


The installation of a 54" PCCP FM for the City of Miami Beach serves as the marquee project in our roster exhibiting our Team's commitment to ensuring that all our client's concerns are met. A proposed 54" redundant force main was implemented along Euclid Avenue in the City of Miami Beach. The force main (FM) was a crucial component of the City of Miami Beach to improve the quality of service in this touristic area. The project covered three different phases:


Phase I was the installation of a 54" PCCP force main running along Washington Ave from Commerce St to Commerce Ct. The scope of services for this phase of the project included the design and construction of approximately 191 LF of 54" PCCP force main by an open cut installation.


Phase II started with the installation of 30" ductile iron (DI) force main at the intersection of 11th St and Meridian Ct. Then a proposed 36" DI and a 54" PCCP force mains were installed along 11th St up to Meridian Avenue where it connected to the third phase. Additionally, there was a 24" FM connecting to pump station #1. As part of the scope of work, this section included the design and construction of 405 LF of different sizes of force mains. The installation of this section of the project was implemented with the open cut method.


Phase III was the connection of the first and second phase. This phase installed a 54" HDPE Force Main along Euclid Avenue from 11th Street to Washington Avenue and along Washington Avenue from Euclid Avenue to Commerce Court. The scope of services for this section of the project included the design and construction of around 4,450 LF of 54" HOPE force main installed by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). A connection to Pump Station #31 was included in this phase.


The project was vastly complex, requiring additional coordination to facilitate a clear path for the directional drilling along Euclid Avenue. The project required constant communication with the contractor, as the team worked around the clock to deliver the project within the tight schedule. The project's expedited design schedule was met, with no major setbacks.


City of Miami Beach


Euclid Avenue from Commerce Street to 11th Street, City of Miami Beach, Florida

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