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Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run 2019

April, 2019

It’s that time of year again, A & P Engineer participated in the Corporate Run organized by Mercedes Benz in the streets of Downtown Miami. The circuit took place next to the emblematic Freedom Tower of the city to encourage running and walking to promote a more fit and healthy lifestyle for corporate employees and their family members.

This year, there were 26,698 participants, from more than 800 local and national companies who joined in on the corporate run. A&P participants ended with exceptional times. Adrián Alfonso, P.E. (Structural Engineer) was ranked 81 out of 12,856 male runners, while for the women William Castellanos daughter (company guest/architect), Deborah Castellanos ended up in the tenth place out of 13,842 female participants.
The 5 best times of the company corresponded to Adrián Alfonso (20:12), Deborah Castellanos (21:33), Arnelio Alfonso, P.E. (26:33) (Water Resources Department Head), Ariel Márquez (28:54) (Water Resources Engineer) and Erik Sibila (30:40) (Senior CEI Inspector).

Everyone enjoyed the company tent for post-race refreshments. We congratulate the entire A & P Engineers team and all the participants of the other companies that made this event an unforgettable moment!


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