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Traffic Operations/ Transportation System Management & Operations (TO/TSM&O)

D6 FDOT Signal Retiming Contract

The Florida Department of Transportation District 6 Traffic Operations Office, as per Central Office instructions, is tasked with performing signal retiming/fine-tuning of all signalized intersections on State Roads over a three-year period. A&P’s traffic department is part of the consultant team, in coordination with the Miami-Dade County (MDC) Traffic Signals and Signs Division as the maintaining agency. A&P’s traffic department received a list of corridor segments where existing signal operations needed to be assessed. Tasks included data gathering and coordination with MDC, review of existing timing plans within the coordinated signal sections, before and after field reviews of the corridor—including the collection of floating car method travel times, and the development and implementation of new/updated timing plans in which cycle lengths, offsets, and green splits may be changed. A&P saved time and cost by leveraging RITIS accessible data and KITS, the County’s traffic management software system.

  • NHS/SIS Intermodal Connectors - Phase 1 Signal Retiming Assessment:

A preliminary assessment of the NHS intermodal connectors, NHS signals, and the Miami-Dade County Traffic Control Center signals was conducted to identify sub-networks of signals where signal retiming improvements would most benefit adjacent intermodal hubs and freight routes that provide access to the Port of Miami, Miami International Airport, and the FEC Intermodal Freight Facility.

  • US-1/SR-5/South Dixie Highway Corridor from SW 16th Avenue to E Palm Drive/SW 344th Street

  • SR-94/Kendall Drive/SW 88th Street Corridor from SR-997/Krome Avenue to US-1/SR-5/South Dixie Highway

  • SR-948/NW 36th Street Corridor from NW 87th Avenue to NW 7100 Block

  • SR-932/NW 103rd Street Corridor from US-27/N Okeechobee Road to NE 6th Avenue

  • SR-7/NW 7th Avenue/NW 2nd Avenue Corridor from NW 46th Street to NW 215th Street

  • SR-944/Hialeah Drive/NW 54th Street Corridor from US-27/N Okeechobee Road to SR-5/Biscayne Boulevard

  • SR-860/Miami Gardens Drive Corridor from SR-7/NW 2nd Avenue to NE 22nd Avenue

  • SR-A1A/Harding Avenue/Indian Creek Drive from 88th Street to SR-907/W 63rd Street

  • SR-817/NW 27th Avenue from Burlington Street to NW 215th Street

  • SR-9/NW 27th Avenue from NW 28th Street to NW 139th Street

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