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I-395 Stormwater Master Plan


The proposed project involves the potential realignment, capacity, and geometric improvements to Interstate 395 (I-395). This interstate is an elevated expressway that traverses approximately 1.2 miles within the City of Miami. The proposed project extends from west of the Midtown Interchange (SR-836/I-95/I-395) to the MacArthur Causeway Bridge. The Midtown Interchange serves as a major hub for traffic to the Port of Miami, Downtown, Miami Beach, Miami International Airport as well as SR-836, I-95, and Miami Beach.


In this project, A&P Engineers was responsible for providing the Drainage Master Plan. A large portion of our efforts was dedicated to the engineering evaluation of the pre- and post-development drainage system conditions. Our hydraulic models, for the pre- and post-development conditions, were created with AdiCPR software. Extensive coordination was required in order to comply with all of the governing agencies in the area (SFWMD, DERM, FDEP, USACOE, etc.).


Florida Department of Transportation District VI


Mac Arthur Causeway Bridge, Miami, Florida

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