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Miami Intermodal Center Rental Car F

Site Civil Design

Miami Intermodal Center Rental Car Facility


The Rental Car Center (RCC) was the first structure in the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) to open. At this one-stop facility, patrons have the opportunity to browse all the available rental car companies. Thanks to its unique architecture, the four-story RCC stands out as a beacon for travelers. As a whole, this facility is the 2nd largest in the United States (3.4 million square feet) and has the capacity to store 6,500 vehicles.


As the Designer of Record in this monumental project, A&P Engineers was responsible for the preparation of construction plans for all paving, grading, drainage, water main service connections, gravity sewer service connections, the state-of-the-art fueling system, and all access roads to the RCC.


Florida Department of Transportation

District VI


Miami Intermodal Center, Miami, Florida

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