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Water and Sewer

N.W. 57th Avenue 54-inch DI Water Main


A project, such as this one, highlights A&P Engineers’ dedication to our clients and our willingness to exceed all expectations. In this project, the existing transmission line ran along NW 57th Avenue, from W 53rd Street and W 65th Street, is a 54” Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) water main. Due to various factors, the water main no longer could support the required volume. MD-WASD proposed connecting a 54” ductile iron water main to the existing 54” PCCP main and maintaining both lines active. The nature of the project required an emergency response with an expedited schedule. Our scope of services for this project included the design and construction of approximately 4,400’ 54” ductile main via open trenching.


The project was incredibly complex, requiring extensive coordination to ensure proper alignment, the radius of curvature, and entrance/exit angles that would allow the minimum clearance between existing utilities. Additional coordination was required to facilitate a clear path for the open cut installation. The project required constant communication with the contractor, as the team worked around the clock to deliver the project on-time. As planned, the design fast-tracked and construction of this new line was completed within a week thanks to a superb design and close coordination with the emergency operations.


Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department


Hialeah, Florida

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