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Structural Design

N.W. 87th Avenue Interchange Reconstruction


The reconstruction of the SR-836/N.W. 87th Avenue interchange was part of the Section 5 Master Plan. Once completed, this project will complete the system-to-system connection for the western portion of SR-836 connecting to SR-826 and provide the capacity improvements along the SR-836 mainline. In addition, the project will provide significant traffic operations and safety improvements for the interchange and surrounding arterial network.

A&P Engineers was responsible for the design of 3 of 7 bridges in this project. Our bridges were designed using 36” and 84” pre-stressed Florida I-Beams as well as pre-stressed pile foundations. A&P’s scope also included the design of sign structures, MSE Walls, and temporary steel sheet pile walls.


Miami-Dade Expressway Authority.


Miami, Florida

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