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Traffic Safety

D6 District-wide Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program

A&P Engineers provides in-house support services at the District VI Traffic Operations Office as part of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program. Services include investigation of citizen requests for mid-block pedestrian crossings; pedestrian mobility enhancements, such as high emphasis crosswalks; and “count-down”-type pedestrian signals with pedestrian crossing signs. 96 requests were investigated in 2014 and improvements were programmed or implemented through “push button” construction contracts at over 30 locations district-wide. The program also includes the performance of Road Safety Audits (RSA) to address Pedestrian and Bicycle safety.

  • SR-A1A/Collins Avenue from 79th Street to 87th Street:

Recommendations for traffic signal at 79th Street and overhead RRFBs at 83rd Street and 87th Street to facilitate access to North Shore Open Space Park

  • SR-A1A/Indian Creek from 26th Street to 41st Street:

Performed a pedestrian safety evaluation and lighting study that resulted in signage and marking improvements at existing crossings and upgrades to the lighting system for pedestrians.

  • SR-907/Alton Road at Lincoln Road intersection:

Implemented exclusive pedestrian phase, study, and coordinated with Miami-Dade County Signals and Signs Division.

  • SR-112/41st Street:

Conducted Road Safety Audit focused on elderly drivers and pedestrians

  • SR-915/NE 6th Avenue from NE 145th Street to NE 159th Street:

Evaluation of Mid-block Pedestrian Crossings

  • SR-90/SW/SE 8th Street/SW/SE 7th Street from SR-9/SW 27th Avenue to SR-5/Brickell Avenue:

Pedestrian Mobility and Safety Evaluation

  • SR-5/Truman Avenue and SR-5/Whitehead Street, Monroe County:

Needs assessment for Accessible Pedestrian Signal installation at seven intersection locations.