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Smart Cities

SR-916/NW 119th Adaptive Signal Control Project

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District Six, is currently undertaking an Adaptive Signal Control Technologies (ASCT) project along SR-924/NW 119th Avenue. As part of the evaluation plan for the project, the need to deploy “in-cabinet” Bluetooth devices has been identified. These units provide continuous travel time and travel speed data along specific routes for the before-and-after evaluation.

A&P traffic engineering staff, in coordination with Miami-Dade County Traffic Signals and Signs Division, installed Bluetooth devices inside the signal controller cabinets at 16 intersection locations. A&P was tasked with the creation of the different routes and the origin-destination matrix for the evaluation. Data from the devices will be validated with data available through the RITIS website application.

In addition to deployment and set-up, A&P is tasked with the maintenance of the devices to ensure a 95% availability of the Bluetooth units, which are accessed using the cloud-based system. Wireless equipment and services are provided as part of this task. A&P Engineers prepares a monthly equipment availability report as a deliverable to FDOT.


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