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Traffic Studies and Engineering Reviews

Traffic Studies and Engineering Reviews

A&P provides FDOT with conceptual design services adhering to all state and local design standards and develop cost estimates for design alternatives. Our staff has completed over 150 traffic engineering studies, including Qualitative Assessment, Intersection Analysis, Arterial Analysis, Signal Warrant Studies, and Left Turn Phase Evaluation Studies. We are well versed in the development and analysis of PD&E Study Design Traffic Technical Memorandum (DTTM) studies and Interchange Modification/Justification Reports (IMR & IJRs). Our traffic engineers use the latest traffic micro-simulation software (VISSIM, Synchro/SimTraffic 9.0, and CORSIM) to perform operational analyses as part of the alternative evaluation process.

Our multi-disciplinary expertise enables us to provide engineering reviews support services to FDOT. Our staff conducts reviews and provides comments on various document types, including access/connection permits, traffic safety reports, plans reviews (roadway, signs and pavement markings, and bike/pedestrian facilities design), traffic operations and transportation planning studies, developmental traffic impact statements, signal design and operations reviews, and MOT plans reviews.

  • Operational Analysis and Design of US-1/Overseas Highway and Roosevelt Boulevard Intersection located at entrance to Key West in Monroe County

  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis for SR-948/NW 36th Street and NW 1st Avenue Intersection

  • SR-823/NW 57th Avenue at Miami Lakes Drive – Evaluation of Signal Operations and Feasibility of West Leg Lane Configuration Alternations

  • SR-90/SW 8th Street at SW 109th Avenue: Evaluation of Signal Phasing and Feasibility of Concurrent Phasing for North-South Movements

  • Before and After Assessment of SR-836/SR-826 Interchange: C-D Road to W. Flagler Street/SW 8th Street and SR-826/Palmetto Expressway

  • Miami Beach Street Car/MPO Beach Corridor Transit Connection Study

  • American Dream Miami and Graham Project Traffic Report

  • Signing and Pavement Marking Plans Review for NW 57th Avenue and NW 27th Avenue Proposed DDI Interchanges

  • The Underline Project (Various Documents Reviewed)

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