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Water and Sewer

Water & Sewer Improvements for Perrine / Cutler Bridge.


This project proposed major improvements to the existing water and sewer facilities for a commercial, industrial and residential area. 


The existing water service to the area was provided via an undersized water main and/or private wells. Our proposed design called for the installation of nearly 14,000’ of 12” water main and 2,700’ of 16” water main. This improvement provides fire protection and improves water pressure for the area.


A vast majority of this area was served by septic tanks and private lift stations, but our design was to change this for the better. We proposed an entirely new system for the entire area as well as the retirement of the existing private lift stations.


Aside from these improvements, the project area was divided into 3 basins which would receive pump station improvements. In the first basin, a larger pump station was proposed. The second received a new pump station and the third basin received an upgrade to the existing pump station. Approximately 22,250’ 8” force main, 4,300’ of 12” force main, and 3,000’ of 8” gravity sewer were installed in this project.



Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department


Perrine, Florida

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