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Construction Engineering and Inspections Services

Government Cut Utility Relocation 


Prior to the improvements to Government Cut and Fisherman’s Channel, mainly widening and dredging, A&P Engineers was tasked with Contract Administration and Construction Management Services. The project’s scope included the relocation of a 54” force main under Government Cut, a 20” water main under Fisherman’s Channel, installation of other water lines in the area, and preparation of a portion of the 54” and 20” main for removal.


Our administration-related responsibilities included reviewing the plans, specifications, and shop drawings for each phase of each of the 19 work package submittals for this project as well as permit coordination with USACE, FDEP, M-D DRER, M-D Building Department, Port Miami, and Fisher Island. Our construction management-related responsibilities included inspecting and testing materials as well as sequencing of construction for the launch and retrieval shafts.

​In projects such as these, the importance of a thorough understanding of the surrounding environment and existing facilities is paramount. For this reason, we emphasized on communication and coordination with all applicable regulatory agencies to ensure their needs and our client’s expectations were met.


Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department.


Government Cut Channel & Fisherman’s Channel, Miami, Florida.

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