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Construction Engineering & Inspection Services (CEI)

A&P Engineers’ focus in every construction engineering and inspection (CEI) project is to guarantee quality for the client. We strongly believe that instilling a QA/QC program into our daily operations is the only way to guarantee quality. Aside from CEI, we also offer our constructability review services to identify key concerns prior to our projects to our clients mitigate risk. 

Founded on our beliefs, we maintain fully-certified personnel that possesses expertise in their respective specialties. Further, A&P promotes cross-training of our construction personnel to provide a cadre of employees with a broad background that will allow them to be versatile and innovative to overcome any challenge.

Since its inception, our CEI Department has distinguished itself by completing a wide variety of projects ranging from large-scale heavy construction to electrical and ITS projects. Through all of this, we have honed our ability to promote safety and efficiency in the services we offer our clients.

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