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Construction Engineering and Inspections Services

N.W. 25th Street-Viaduct East Phase


Responsible for all construction Project Administration. Supervised and managed all project activities, including the supervision of the inspectors group. Checked and verified field documentation of daily construction activities, monitored the personnel and the relationship with the QC group and Contractor. Responsible for monthly payment estimates, work orders, laboratory test results, invoices, material certifications, final “as built” plan, and all necessary documentation to complete the project’s final acceptance. The construction of this project consisted of the widening and reconstruction of N.W. 25th St, the new construction of N.W. 68th Ave from N.W. 22nd St. to N.W. 25th St., widening the ramps to and from SR-826 and the construction of a viaduct from N.W. 22nd St. to SR-826 constructed over the westbound lanes of N.W. 25th St. The viaduct is constructed of pre-stressed concrete pile foundations with CIP concrete footings and columns. A steel box “straddle bent cap” is then set between the columns to accommodate two (2) lanes of traffic, 26 spans of steel I beam girders were erected and a 8.5” deck slab constructed. The overall length of the structure is 4,170 LF with the longest span at 220 ft. The construction of the remainder of the project included MSE walls, steel sheet pile bulkhead walls, cast-in-place retaining wall, roadway lighting, traffic signalization, overhead sign structures, drainage and asphalt paving. Construction Cost: $124 Million. This project finished 100 days ahead of schedule and won the 2012 FTBA best in construction award in the category of “Major Steel Bridge”.


Florida Department of Transportation District VI.


N.W. 25th St. from SR-826 to N.W. 67th Ave / Viaduct from east of SR-826 to N.W. 22nd Street. Miami Dade County, Florida.

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